Sunday, February 5, 2012

week 4: baked rigatoni with fire roasted tomatoes

For Week 4 of my New Year's Cooking Challenge I decided to make dinner for my boyfriend, Erik. He's a hardcore meat eater so I decided to appease him (although just between you and me, I'm planning on slowly but surely introducing vegetarian meals into his diet) with a baked pasta dish with ground beef. I didn't make too many variations besides using rigatoni instead of ziti pasta, so I'll just link to the recipe I used from We both loved it and would recommend it as an easy change from the same old noodles and sauce.

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  1. I googled something to get me motivated to start working on a report about using glass over plastic and your blog popped up. While I can't use your blog for research, I felt like I needed to read it and I'm glad I clicked on it. I'm loving it! All this food and info is delicious.


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