Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"asking to photograph my refrigerator is like asking me to pose nude."

I wasn't expecting to come across an idea for a blog post as I was flipping through my parents' January issue of Popular Photography, but when I did it was a reminder of just how pervasive food is throughout all aspects of our lives. The choices we make about what we put in our bodies speak so much about us; they give a snapshot of our values regarding our personal health, the treatment of the people who produce our food, the treatment of the animals who are our food, and the sustaining of the earth and its resources. Just to name a few big ones. I was reminded of all this upon reading the article entitled "The Cold Facts," which showcased photographer Mark Menjivar's project of taking portraits of people by photographing the insides of their refrigerators. He calls it "You Are What You Eat." See it at

Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons Artist BigTallGuy


  1. i LOVE this idea. just thinking about photographing my fridge makes me a little nervous ... not sure if it's because it's so dirty, or because it's not stocked the way i'd like it to be. hmm. so, where's your picture? :)

  2. you got me. i thought about putting up a picture of my fridge but, like you, I felt that it was less than ideal, especially since I'm the one giving advice about healthy things to eat. that and i'm at home for the summer so my fridge is really my family's fridge and doesn't really accurately "portray" me. but you're right. i should do it. :)

  3. hehe no worries. :) being home for the summer gives you an ideal excuse.


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