Tuesday, June 22, 2010

food for thought.

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I know the phrase "food for thought" is about as cliche as it gets, but there's a good reason that it is! Here are few articles I've come across recently that I found really thought-provoking.

Can Meat Eaters Also Be Environmentalists?  
by Nicolette Hahn Niman 
June 2, The Atlantic
A vegetarian cattle rancher's take on the environmental effects of all eaters: vegans, vegetarians, and carnivores alike.

Seeking to Illuminate the Mysterious Placebo Effect  
by Erik Vance
June 21, The New York Times
As a nutrition major I've heard a lot about how difficult it is to lead nutrition-related studies, and of course health research studies in general, due to the placebo effect. This article looks into the life of a Dr. Tor D. Wagner, whose life works revolves around this common psychological phenomenon.

Doctors Warn: Avoid Genetically Modified Food  
by Jeffrey M. Smith
May 2009, Institute for Responsible Technology
This article gives a great overview on why you should you be eating as much non-genetically modified foods as possible.

Irony in Progress  
by Dr. Mehmet Oz  
June 21, Time Magazine  
Dr. Oz gives shares his concerns about the spreading of Western diseases, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease, throughout developing countries.

A Life Engulfed by Pesticides
by Barry Estabrook
June 10, The Atlantic
An eye-opening look at the real effects of agricultural pesticides on real people.

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