Saturday, July 24, 2010

article of the week, 7/24/10

Who:  Center for Science in the Public Interest
When: July 23, 2010
Why: While I don't agree with the FDA on all of its practices, I am pleased to see them "cracking down" on the food industry when it comes to deceptive health claims and other questionable labeling. This news report from CSPI announces that the FDA has received the go-ahead to continue on in their mission to reduce foods with misleading health claims; its target right now: Vitaminwater, a bottled beverage by Coca-Cola. I like this report in particular because it refers back to past court rulings to give you a better understanding of the recent history of this issue.
Read it here:
Learn more: Read about the FDA's current standards for health claims about food at
Speak out: How do you feel about health claims on food packaging? Do you think that its manipulative and misleading or that companies have a right to promote their product as they choose? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

Photo Credit: Robert S. Donovan

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