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There seems to be a pill or powder for everything these days: Can't fall asleep? Take a Benadryl. Have a tummy ache? Pepto-Bismol to the rescue. Feeling irregular? Bring on the Metamucil. Now of course these concoctions have their time and place, but many people admit that they prefer to take the more natural route to healing whenever possible. And what you eat can play a huge part in remedying whatever ails you; check out the following articles to find out how.

Sleep Better For More Energy  
by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding
April 22, Yahoo! Health
This short-but-sweet article lists seven snacks that can help you get a better night's rest. And a glass of milk isn't one of them.

by Melissa Johnson
Everyday Health
Make this list your first stop for tummy aches and nausea.

by Experience Life Magazine staff
June 12, Care2
Sure, you could sprinkle on some Metamucil or Benefiber to get your daily 25+ grams, but there are so many yummier ways to get your fiber! This article gives some great tips to add a little more fiber to each meal.

Vitamin C: Stress Buster 
April 25, 2003, Psychology Today
Whether you're a student or a stay-at-home mom or a corporate executive, you almost certainly feel the effects of stress on a daily basis. And all that stress takes a toll on not only your emotional health, but your physical health as well. Read here to find out how Vitamin C can help reduce these negative effects.

Cold Remedies and Flu Remedies: Foods that Fight Infection
 This article gives a great overview of foods that can help fight off infections. Now there's proof that chicken soup is good for more than the soul.

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