Thursday, July 1, 2010

food independence day

I'm about to head "up North" to my cabin for the holiday weekend, so won't be posting again for few days. But chances are you'll all be too busy with your own summer celebration plans to miss them. But before I go I thought it would be fitting to honor America's Independence Day by letting you know about Food Independence Day, an awareness campaign being coordinated by non-profit Kitchen Gardeners International. So what's it all about? Basically, the group is encouraging Americans to celebrate the 4th of July by purchasing some or all of their grilling/picnic food from local producers. Why on Independence Day? Because buying local is about as patriotic as you can get; you're buying food grown in American soil, supporting your neighbors and your environment, and exercising your independence from chain stores and giant food manufacturers. Not to mention that fresh food that only had to travel a few miles to your plate is about as delicious as food can get.

So where to go to get this fresh, local food? Here are a few guides that should point you in the right direction, whether you live in "the lakes of Minnesota," or "the hills of Tennessee." Happy 4th!
Serve Your Country Food
Eat Well Guide
Local Harvest
Farm Locator
Green People

Photo Credits: J.W. Photography, Mykly Roventine


  1. Ok- I don't think this is a "funny" post- but it is adorable. Probably because you are always adorable and I read every blog post just like you are reading it in your engaging and energetic voice.

  2. Thanks Tom. I really appreciate the encouragement. :)


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